Laminate has become increasingly popular during the past few years. It has the look of a solid wooden floor and has many great advantages, with price being just one of them.

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Here are some reasons why people choose laminate flooring.

Easy Maintenance

This type of floor is extremely easy to clean due to its exterior protective layer. The wood cannot be penetrated by surface dirt, and wiping the floor with a moist fibre cloth is sufficient to keep your Grey laminate flooring in top shape for a very long time. The added bonus is that it is likely to be anti-static. With 57.6% of allergy sufferers believing that their allergies are caused by dust mites, according to, you can understand why this is such an appealing feature of laminate flooring.

Fast and Simple Installation

In comparison with other types of flooring, this has to be one of the easiest. It’s as easy as building a puzzle. All the pieces slot into place due to the convenience of a click system. Without adhesives and stabilising material, you can still have a very stable floor. Even an amateur will be capable of laying the floor within a day. For that matter, the laminate flooring can easily be removed, and should a plank get damaged, repairs are also fairly straightforward.

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Exceptionally Strong

The centre panels of the laminate planks are very tough, and they often have an anti-scratch finish that makes them extremely resistant to wear. They are able to resist the usual damage that furniture, shoes and dropped objects can cause to a wooden floor.

Extremely Versatile

Laminate floors from suppliers such as can be used in pretty much every room of your home. For use in kitchens and bathrooms they have been waterproofed. Children’s rooms also benefit from the anti-static dust repulsion that it offers.

You Wouldn’t Know the Difference

Newer techniques are making it increasingly difficult for customers to really tell the difference between laminate and real wooden floors. The colours and textures available are bound to satisfy even the most fussy householder. It’s hard to believe, but it can even have a concrete or slab appearance.

These are some very good reasons why laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular. People love the authentic look that is provided by modern materials.