One of the most important decisions you will make for your new shed is to choose the perfect location for your garden shed. Moreover, there are key factors you need to consider before you choose the location. While most people rush to purchase garden sheds, they don’t realize this place is a major factor even before you commit yourself to own a garden shed. While many people ask about this question, the answer is stated in the tips below.

1. Function
The intended use of the storage structure you will purchase is one of the main factors to consider when deciding its location. If you are storing garbage bins and bikes, you might consider having the location of the structure in a place that can be easily accessed from the front yard. If you are considering gardening, planting, or waging war with the garden weeds, then the location of the structure will be closer to the garden and plants. Here are the few questions you might ask yourself:

  • Do I need a ramp?
    • Do I need access to water or a hose
    • Where will it be convenient for me to access the structure based on its use?
    • What is the main purpose of the structure?

    2. light and Exposure

For most people, they forget that lighting a garden shed is not important. It is not good to put all your tools or toys in the dark because the structure is poorly lit. Take note of the sunlight type that will shine on the new shed location. You can also consider adding an extra window or electricals to extend the usage hours. If going into a shaded or darker location needs you to add an extra window, you might consider adding some electrical appliances to add light to the shed.

3. Ground Conditions
One of the few things that most people over look while they are very important is the soil and the ground you will place the structure. In most cases, you will be required to analyze the ground or the soil structure to put a customized storage structure or before you visit the sheds for sale stores. Locations that have low spots or pooling water can be disastrous to your structure. They should be avoided at all costs. In most cases, the site should be leveled with a slight pitch to encourage drainage to the rear. If you find yourself developing the structure in a low-slope or tricky location, ensure you have your site prepared with a permanent foundation and ample drainage that involves concrete.

4. Landscaping
Landscaping is the final consideration. It also ensures that the plans for the yard are considered before deciding on a home for the garden shed. Remember that it is a challenge to move the garden yard once it has been put in place. Before installation, ensure you consider the locations. Are you planning on installing a new pool in the next few years? Will the structure be part of the yard or an important aspect of the yard? It will be better if you hire a landscape architect for this exercise.