Keeping your family and your home safe is your biggest priority. While simple fixtures, such as door locks, can help to deter theft, there are many other issues you need to be concerned with, such as fires. There are some basic must-haves that every homeowner’s security system should include. 

The first must-have is for better overall security and your convenience. These are smart locks and they can be installed on any door in your home. The most popular place is the exterior doors which get utilized the most by your family. These locks come with keyless entry, so there’s no house key to remember. All you need is your phone and you’re good to go. This provides an extra layer of security because there is no lock cylinder that a criminal can break when trying to burglarize your home. 

Next up, we have the keypads which control the entire security system. These work great for having inside of your garage, in common rooms, and even in your bedroom. You need a way to access the security system to shut off alarms, notify emergency personnel when there is a problem, and to arm your security system, among various other functions. These keypad controllers can be as advanced as you should like, including touchscreen features, or as simple as you want, with just a keypad. The extent of these keypads is going to highly depend on the various functions of your security system and how much money you are willing to spend. 

Fire alarms are another feature that you must have in your home security system. Unfortunately, these seem to take a back seat to locks and other devices to prevent people from breaking into your home. However, having a fire in your home can destroy all those precious possessions as well. You should have fire alarm installation done at your home so that you can be notified when there is an issue when you’re in the home and the fire department can be notified when you’re away from your home. Opting for fire alarms that have carbon dioxide sensors is a plus as well to keep your family alert of any unseen danger. 

Sensors are the backbone of any security system. They tell you when a door is opened, a window is shattered, or even when water is leaking into an area of your home it shouldn’t be. These sensors are the beginning stage of how the security system functions. Depending on the use of the sensor, it can be set to trigger the alarm, send a text to the homeowner, or even notify authorities of a potential break-in or fire. These can be installed in various areas throughout your home so that you can keep a keen eye on any potential dangers that exist and get the fastest response time possible from emergency personnel when you need it. 

Home security systems are becoming a must-have for homeowners who are worried about the protection of their family and their possessions. There are various dangers out there that can compromise your family’s safety and your home’s. We encourage you to ensure your next security system has, at the bare minimum, the features mentioned above.