In this gardening-related post we will analyze the aesthetic beauty of a flower bed of white flower plants and how it transforms with the arrival of autumn. We are going to analyze this area of a white garden in which practically the flowering has disappeared because we are already well into the autumn. Even though the flowers have disappeared, we can see how it continues to maintain an aesthetic interest. And, we can find plant elements that stand out even though they are not flowers.

Let’s start with a grass that we have in the foreground and that generates a straw effect. It is the Deschampsia cespitosa goldtau. With a flowering spike that is shown in mid-summer with a spectacular lime green and, come autumn, take straw tones that will last throughout the winter. In late winter, those branches will need to be cut to generate new shoots. During the winter, the frost on this grass generates a spectacular effect, creating a winter landscape. If you want to beautify your landscape, you can click here to get a lot of information.

As a seasonal flower that has to be introduced indoors, to avoid frost death, we can find the Euphorbia Diamond Frost, a plant that we have talked about on other occasions. It stands out for its small flowers that give an ethereal effect to the compositions. You can bring more beauty!

Gauras. The Gauras, which have been in full bloom during the summer, are already losing their flowers.

Cornus florida. With regard to the back of this white garden in autumn, the color of the leaves of a cornus florida stands out as a central element, a shrub that has spectacular white blooms in spring, but which, now in autumn, it changes the coloring of its leaves to reddish tones.

Hydrangea paniculata. The decorative flowers, the dried flowers of the paniculata hydrangeas, are also striking, the variety of hydrangeas that the sun needs to flower. Precious when they are white, in full bloom, and, once dry, also bring beauty to the garden.

Arundo donax variegata. And as a backdrop we can see different grasses such as the arundo donax variegata that exceeds 5 meters in height and the miscanthus cabaret also nuanced in white. You can add convenience with the use of white colors.

Final detail

A whitish background to highlight the different gray tones and white flowers that bloomed during the summer. Although, right now, these have disappeared, we can still enjoy this garden in the fall. Hopefully this article can give you an insight about how to create an aesthetic beauty using white flower plants.