Luxury homes have a special aura about them that make all homeowners wish they could indulge in the abundance. Any part of a good luxury home is hidden rooms that can be kept secret from your guests or potential burglars. If you are thinking of building a new luxury home, then you should be including these hidden rooms in your blueprints.

Safe Room 

Keeping important documents and valuables is something that every homeowner is worried about. Having a devoted safe is how most ordinary homeowners deal with the security of these items. However, luxury homeowners are indulging in safe rooms that are big enough to walk through and enjoy looking at their valuables. These rooms tend to be hidden out of plain sight so that only the homeowner knows how to access the room and that it even exists. You can see here now the options that are available for building one of these safe rooms in your new luxury home.

Play Space 

You love your kids, but their toys can be quite messy and drive you up a wall. Now, you have the option of adding a hidden play space in your home. This room is typically installed next to a child’s bedroom and is found behind a bookshelf or other major cover. This makes it easy to simply close the hidden door and keep your child’s mess out of the eyes of your visiting guests. No longer will you need to argue about keeping spaces clean with this room your child can have a room devoted completely to their clutter.


We know what you’re thinking, how do you hide a basement? The truth is that with raising staircases you can hide a whole level of your home from guests. These staircases lay flush with the hallway of a home, so you don’t know anything is under them unless you’re the homeowner of course. With the push of a button, a built-in hydraulic system can lift up the staircase and allow you access to the hidden level of your luxury home. This is the perfect hidden place for those who have multiple rooms they want to keep out of prying eyes.

Reading Lounge 

If you enjoy a quiet place to sneak away to read your favorite book, then you need a hidden reading lounge. These can be easily installed in the top few feet of any room. With a door that looks like a cabinet, no one will ever suspect that you have a reading lounge up there. Simply grab the ladder behind the door and climb up to your quiet space where you can relax hidden from everyone else in your home.

Learning about hidden rooms in a luxury home is what makes it so luxurious. People love the fact that there is always more to a home than initially meets the eye. No matter what your hobbies are, you can be sure there is a need for a hidden room in your next luxury home.