Technology is taking over every field of our lives. Revolution in the communication sector has already taken a leap and we are connected to each other in-spite of the physical distance. Now the technology is ready to enter our homes and make them smart enough to make our life easy, safe and comfortable. Every day we can see that there is something new arriving in the market with the tag “smart”.  Let’s see the future and imagine what the smart homes will look like in the coming years, how the impact of smart technology will change our lifestyle, etc.

Security of the house – the very first thing everybody is concerned about is the security of the house. Whether you are staying in a big metro city or in a 1 bhk flat in Pune, or a small town, you are worried about securing your place from intruders. This area needs serious attention these days as the incidents of theft or kidnapping are increasing throughout the world. People are facing severe issues related to security of the house especially when they have to leave kids or elders inside the house during day time. Today we have systems that can show you the person standing at the door or raise alarm in any improper situation. But these systems have their own limitations. Moreover, thieves are getting smarter and they know how to break them down in one shot. With the smart solutions you can install security systems inside your flat and control it with the help of your mobile phone. These systems are hard to break and you have better control.

Lighting – When you move away from your home for longer time like vacations or business trips, then you are not able to take a look at what is happening around your house. Now with the help of smart lighting systems connected through your mobile phone, you can switch lights on or off and also view the rooms on your smart phone.

Temperature – When you enter your house after working for long office hours, and find that the house is too cold or hot. You can immediately switch on the air conditioner or adjust thermostat but you have to give some time to adjust the temperatures to comfortable levels. How will you feel if you can set the temperature half hour before you arrive at home and have a nice and fresh environment upon your arrival? Yes, this is possible with the help of smart temperature control systems. You can also save on your electricity bills by switching them off in case you forget.

Smart appliances – In future we can have a refrigerator that will adjust the cooling as per the things stored in that. Washing machines will adjust the water levels, detergent portions and washing cycles according to the types and quantity of clothes put in for washing.

Let’s look forward to best and safe lifestyle in coming future with the help of smart technology.