Dry rug cleaning is a choice similar to the rug cleaning by using shampoo and deep cleaning. It is considered new method for area rug cleaning which is different from the methods that use moist and dampness.¬† This type of cleaning only uses a small amount of moisture to clean the left over dirt after the process of vacuuming. This type of dry cleaning is greatly suggested for the cleaning of the rugs which are made of the wool. This type of cleaning is rather effective because it prevents allergic growth and also preserves the original look of the woolen rugs which increases their life. The small-scale industries who prefer hand-made rugs mostly uses wool to make the rugs. This might be because the woolen rugs are long-lasting and they are thought to be soil resistant. Also, they are non-allergic as well non-contaminated. These innate resistance qualities are beneficial for us so we must not use that type of cleaning methods which can reduce the qualities¬† of the woolen rug. That’s why dry rug cleaning is mostly suggested for the cleaning of woolen rugs.

As this method uses a very little amount of water and no soaps or shampoos that’s why no water or soap is left on the rug, not even the moisture. This makes the rug look much clean and it gives same look when it was bought. As the detergent is not used in the cleaning of the rug so no dregs will be left or seen on the rugs. It is believed that the surplus dregs attracts more dirt and filth which will entail it to be cleaned more often than necessary. Dry cleaning is also a faster process as less water is entailed while other processes involves the inundating of the rugs completely into water and then they are dried. Rug cleaning is a not a piece of cake as inappropriate cleaning methods can damage the rugs and they cannot be refurbished. This dry cleaning method lowers the danger of damage and makes the rug to be used after a short time of cleaning.