Mold, asbestos fibers and particles of other hazardous materials can cause very serious problems when inhaled over a long period of time. If you suspect the presence of any of these substances in your home or business premises, you should consider consulting experts with experience in providing remediation and abatement services. Fortunately, there are restoration companies that have specialized in providing safe and effective removal of mold, asbestos and other potentially hazardous materials.

Services Offered by Restoration Companies in Calgary

If you are in Calgary, you will find numerous well-established restoration companies that are known to offer prompt, cost-effective, efficient and reliable remediation and restoration services for residential, industrial, as well as commercial clients. The experts at these companies employ some of the latest technologies and methodologies, which guarantees them optimal efficiency, accuracy and safety during these procedures. Whether you need help with asbestos removal, lead abatement or mold remediation in Calgary, these experts can help. Some of the services they offer include:

  1. Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a potentially hazardous substance that can cause a range of health problems, including respiratory problems, allergic reactions and even lung cancer. And, since it was included in most construction and roofing materials before and during the 1980s, it is only wise to have your old building checked for asbestos and proper abatement done if it is found.

Having your asbestos removal job done by experienced restoration experts is the best way to ensure that the task is completed effectively and on time. Some of the best restoration companies in Calgary boast of a lot of experience in providing quality asbestos abatement services for small, as well as industrial-sized projects. Once you call them, these experts will thoroughly inspect your building, remove or seal off any asbestos-containing materials and alleviate any future health hazards.

  1. Mold Remediation

Mold is known to grow and thrive in moisture-prone areas and it spreads when the mold spores spread to other areas where the conditions are favourable. Luckily, these companies are renowned for providing professional mold remediation in Calgary. Before embarking on any remediation project, these experts will carry out thorough inspections to locate the affected areas. Once this is established, they will diligently remove the mold using ultra-modern techniques and some of the best products on the market. Moreover, after removing the mold they will put in place measures to prevent the re-emergence of the problem, such as drying the wet areas, as well as fixing leaking pipes and roofs.

  1. Other Hazardous Material Removal

The restoration companies also have the expertise, experience and equipment to effectively remove other potentially hazardous substances. For instance, they can safely, effectively and promptly remove any materials containing substances such as mercury and lead without posing any danger to other people. They will also ensure that the materials are safely disposed of without posing any danger to the environment.

Other services that are offered by restoration companies in Calgary include building surveys, bird dropping removal, site dismantling and demolition, interior selective demolition, fluorescent tube & CFL bulb disposal, and hantavirus cleanup. They also offer reliable scaffolding, controlled environment containment systems, sprayed fireproofing, air monitoring, insulation services and emergency response services.