Disasters such as floods, fires, accidents or acts of vandalism can cause significant damage to your property, making it harder for you to continue with your normal life or business operations. Furthermore, mould and other hazardous substances, such as asbestos, can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Luckily, there are companies that are known to offer professional restoration services that are meant to restore the structural integrity and functionality of your building or home.

Restoration Services Offered in Edmonton

If you have a residential home or business premises in Edmonton, you will come across companies that are renowned for offering a range of restoration services for many different types of structures. These companies are staffed with highly-skilled and experienced specialists who are committed to delivering top-notch restoration services. Whether you are in need of asbestos removal or trauma scene bio service in Edmonton, these experts can help. Their services include:

  1. Water Damage Restoration

If your business or home needs restoration because of damaged plumbing or flooding, time is always of great essence. This is because excessive water in your house or business premises can damage your structure and furnishings, cause electrical hazards and even result in the growth of mould. Luckily, these companies have certified technicians who use advanced technologies and quality products to carry out quick and effective water damage restoration.

  1. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

If your business or home is damaged by fire, it is very important to seek help from experienced restoration experts as early as possible. Fortunately, the certified technicians at these companies are well-trained in fire mitigation, corrosion control, as well as restoration. They always use advanced equipment and procedures in their fire damage restoration processes, which may entail:

  1. Emergency pre-cleaning
  2. Content cleaning

III. Content pack-out

  1. Corrosion Mitigation
  2. Wall and ceiling cleaning, as well as
  3. Deodorization
  4. Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos removal is a specialized process that should be handled with a lot of care. If you have any asbestos-containing materials in your house that need to be removed, the well-trained asbestos abatement professionals at these companies can help. Before removing the material, they will carry out thorough asbestos testing, sampling and assessment, in order to determine the severity of the problem.

  1. Trauma-Site Clean Up

In case you need trauma scene bio service in Edmonton, these professionals can also help with this. They have the appropriate expertise in providing prompt, sensitive and professional cleaning of chemically and biologically contaminated scenes. These technicians understand all the protocols involved in biohazard cleanup, sanitation, as well as restoration. For instance, they will clean the site, sanitize it, neutralize any odours and remove or seal off any contaminated materials. Furthermore, after the removal, they will safely dispose of the materials at approved medical waste facilities.

Other services that are offered by these experts include: disaster restoration, mould remediation, construction and repairs. They also offer reliable structural drying, odour control, as well as electronics cleaning and restoration. The best thing is that they are always prompt, efficient and sensitive to their customer’s needs and preferences. So, whether you need help with asbestos removal or trauma scene bio service in Edmonton, these professionals can help.