It can be very safely concluded that blenders are the best invented kitchen utensil till now. Not only can it blend but it can also make puree, dips and sauce. It can heat up soups. With the best blenders we can also crush ice cubes and grind coffee beans. So making chilled cocktails and brewing fresh coffee is not a problem now. Also with the advent of technology there are mane added features to a blender that helps us to control it even through our phones via app or through Bluetooth connection. Blenders make the best smoothies. The more the power and speed of the blenders the better will be your smoothie.

Reasons that makes blenders very good smoothie makers

The best smoothie blender is not very difficult to find. Smoothies can be made with various kinds of ingredients. But the key factor is to get the richest and creamiest smoothie every time you make it no matter what the ingredient is. Some smoothies are made with soft fruits and milk which does not require much power of the blender. While some smoothies are made with leafy and fibrous vegetables and hard fruits that requires a tough blender to blend. Your blender should make smoothies in such a way that you should not chew with every sip. The texture of the smoothies made by the best smoothie blenders is very creamy and silky. They are very healthy for our body so it always good to drink smoothies every day in a week. Also one can even carry smoothies to your gym or office thanks to those blenders that come with portable mugs. These blenders which come with portable mugs allow you to make smoothie in the jar and carry that same jar with you. A blender which comes with manual speed setting is the best types for making Smoothies. Also there are certain blenders that come with app control feature which can controlled by your smartphones. This app also contains smoothie recipes that can be programmed into the blender through the smartphone.You might also like to have a chilled glass of Smoothies with crushed ice in it. A powerful smoothie blender also allows you to do that. The blades of these blenders are made of stainless steel that can even crush ice.

Factors that determine a good blender

Power of the blender – It is very important to have a powerful blender in your kitchen that can perform all the tasks. The power of a blender is determined by the horsepower. If your blender has enough power it can make the tastiest and creamiest smoothies that you will ever have. Also apart from making Smoothies they can also make various butters like nut butters, peanut butter, almond butter etc. They can also crush ice cubes for making a chilled glass of Smoothies.

Speed of the blender – It is important for a blender to have high speed but the power of a blender is more important than the speed. The pulse option in a smoothie blender is an important feature.

Blades of a blender – The blades of a good blender are generally made of high quality stainless steel. The blades should be strong and durable. They should have more longevity. There are blenders that come with integrated blades and generally have two, four or six pronged.

Jar of a blender – Any good blender comes with a jar that is made of high quality BPA-Free Tritan material which is very good. Many blenders come with multiple jars so that they can be used for any kind of occasion. If the jar of the blender is transparent then it is good as you can see the blending process. The jar should also be heat resistant, brake resistant, dishwasher safe, commercially rated and scratch proof. The jar should also be big enough.

Other features – A good blender should a pulse setting and also manual speed control system. They should also be provided with tamper setting which makes your smoothie very smooth as it pulls all the ingredients towards the blade for a better blending. A good blender should have long warranty period. It is always good to have a blender in your kitchen for a better lifestyle.