Windows are more important in deciding the look of the house than people give them credit for. They are the links between the world outside and your home, so it’s important that people like what they see when they look at your house from the outside. Also, each of the windows should be placed in a way that they serve a purpose and provide the best view possible for the people inside. And if you are looking for a fresh, clean look, make sure you know how to get sparkling windows.

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Without further ado, let’s now discuss some tips that will guide you in choosing that perfect window when you remodel your house.

A Reflection of the Architecture

Whether your house is a period property or contemporary, your new windows must match the style of the home. Not that you will have to opt for the same style as before because manufacturers usually have a range of options for house owners to choose from. If you have the money and the expertise you can even choose to have windows custom made.

The Purpose

As mentioned earlier, each window should serve a purpose. Decide early on whether it’s supposed to be a sliding widow-cum-door, a skylight, or just a couple of small fixed windows to let the light in. A bathroom, for example, should have angular windows that will only let in light but won’t allow anyone from the outside to look in. Similarly, a large picture window could be perfect if you have a good view from your drawing room. Always reconsider a few times before coming to a decision.

The Colors

While choosing the interior coloring is easier as it only needs to match the existing decor, the exterior coloring is a different story. Keep the following pointers in mind to make things a tad bit easier.

  1. It’s best if the color of your house, your window frames, and your trims, complement the houses in your neighborhood.
  2. Choose the same color for your window frames, doorways, and even the garage door.
  3. The trims can be of a different accent color than the frames, but if they are the same, it’s perfectly acceptable.

The Positioning

The positioning of the windows is one of the most basic elements of installing windows, but unfortunately, it is a very difficult and costly affair if you have to rearrange your window spaces. On the other hand, if it’s a new house that you are building or moving into a new place after some serious remodeling, then take a note of the following.

  1. The windows should not be facing any space where you might want to put a TV/monitor
  2. The bedroom window should preferably not face the east unless you want to wake up with the sun every morning!
  3. Keep the dominant weather/weathers of your location in mind to save up on heating/cooling bills during the respective seasons.

As long as you keep these four basic tips in mind, your home will most definitely gain from a window remodeling project.