Whether your home is ages old or relatively new, there may come a point when you decide window replacement is a necessity. Perhaps your windows are small and simply don’t let enough natural light in. Or maybe they underperform, causing uncomfortable drafts that jack up utility bills year-round.

Regardless of why you want to replace your windows, your first goal as a homeowner is to preserve the value and visual appeal of your property, and this means taking pains to ensure that the windows you choose are in keeping with the architectural style of your home. How do you go about making your choice?

If you’re not an architectural expert, you might not have the faintest idea of how to choose replacement windows that are suitable for your structure, whether they meet your other goals or not. How can you get everything you want from your new windows? Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the perfect windows for your home upgrade, as well as your existing architecture.

Repairing or Replacing

If you’re committed to preserving the existing look of your windows, there are two options that will make it a lot easier. You can either repair existing windows or replace them with exactly the same style. If your home is very old, finding exact replacement models could prove difficult. However, repairing existing windows might end up being pretty pricey since it could require a specialist.

In this case, you should definitely consider choosing a newer replacement that simply looks similar to existing windows. With this option you can preserve the look of the original architecture but gain the many benefits that come with updated models, including options for energy-efficiency, for example. If you have no intention of changing the size of window frames and you love the original look of your structure, this is a great way to have your cake and eat it, too.

Benefits of Brand New

When you elect to remove old windows and replace them with brand new models, you stand to gain several benefits in the process. First of all, you can change the size of openings if you so choose. If your current windows are too small or there simply aren’t enough for your taste, this type of overhaul provides the opportunity to enhance your home with larger or even additional windows.

As noted above, you can also choose to improve performance by selecting modern options like, say, double-paned windows instead of single, or energy-efficient options. You can also change the style of your windows. When you do this, you don’t necessarily have to match the original window precisely, but you’ll still want to maintain architectural cohesion. Luckily, most architectural styles have a number of potentially suitable window models to choose from.

Knowing Your Home Style

Unless your replacement windows are a perfect visual match for existing fixtures, you’ll need to know the style of your home if you hope to choose a different model that still fits with your architecture. If you don’t know the style of your home, you’ll need to do a little research.

Knowing what year your home was built can help, but in any given time frame you could see a wide range of older styles working their way in, especially if your house was built during a transitional period in construction. You can also look for hallmarks of certain styles.

You’ll find that architectural styles tend to have clear clues. Mediterranean style homes, for example, tend to have stucco exteriors and red tile roofs. Tudor homes often feature decorative half-timbering, steeply pitched roofing, and diamond pane windows. The architecture may borrow from a number of styles, but when you pinpoint your home style you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for when it comes to suitable windows.

Mixing and Matching

In some cases, mixing and matching architectural styles is okay. For example, modern and contemporary home styles share many interchangeable elements. In some cases, coastal homes have elements similar to Tudor or Victorian styles. It all depends on your particular home. That said, you wouldn’t necessarily install Victorian or craftsman windows in a modern home, so you need to be careful not to go overboard.

Hiring Professional Help

Ultimately, selecting the right Renewal by Andersen replacement windows can be accomplished most expediently with the help of an expert. If you’re not sure about your home style or the windows that match your structure, while still offering modern conveniences, a professional can tell you all you need to know and advise you on which windows will best suit all of your needs.