Newly married couples are more interested in planning for their bedroom. They want an ideal bedroom to make their moments memorable. Sometimes husband plan for his room when he is about to marry, just to give her wife a pleasant surprise. This is the time when he is very confused and could not decide upon the idea which will be the best for his room. Normally it has been observed that girls are more indulged in home decorating stuff so the boys are often reluctant.

To ease out yourself you can search different theme ideas and after selecting your desired theme or idea you will be able to plan your room accordingly. There are a variety of themes which can be adopted for your space with reference to your room size and shape. Basically, the selection of theme could be classified as a basic four types. These could be on the basis of colour, nature based, inspiration and traditional aspects. Though these are further divided into many other subtypes but these are the basic head.
All of these are mentioned below along with their details. After reading them you will get the clear idea about them;

  1. Theme with reference to nature:
    This is the theme which you can adopt from your surroundings. These could be the theme that you apply by getting inspired by nature. People often dress up their rooms in spring outfits, sometimes in summer outfits, hence in all four seasons. Moreover, people often plan for decorating their bedrooms in refreshing green and add natural plants in their bedroom. Sometime they also opt for the cool beach theme to enjoy their married life in a cool beach themed bedroom. Some of the people add natural beauty with the help of wooden furniture. They select a king size wooden bed and decorate the entire room accordingly. In this way people select theme with reference to natural surroundings.
  2. Theme with reference to culture:
    Most of the themes are related to the specific culture of any area. These are said to be the cultural based décor ideas. In this way, they pick any of the places like, Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, etc. and study about the characteristics of that culture. After that they pick all of the items and patterns along with furniture and textures which clearly represent their selected culture and then apply it on their bedrooms. This is also an amazing style of bedroom décor.
  3. Theme with reference to colour:
    The third type of theme for the bedroom of a couple is the most adorable and is excessively admired by most of the couples. In his category people choose one of their favourite colours and create a soothing combination with any other contrasting colour. Beside this you can also add tints and shades of same colour. This is also an appreciable style which will enhance the harmony to your room. The most commonly used colours are red, black, and white; they are all added to the room with some contrasting colours.
    So these were the three basic categories which let you choose an ideal theme for your bedroom.


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