If you witness blurred images or smudgy colors on television, there is a high probability that your television demands proper cleaning. In case, you think the unusual display is a technical fault, you should consult a technician. But, in most of the cases, a pending cleaning procedure is the demand of the occasion.

If you have considering purchasing a television, it is recommended to compare LED TV and confirm your purchase from one of the leading stores such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Croma, Tata Cliq, and others. To experience captivating display at all times, don’t forget to undertake periodic cleaning operations.

We have developed a step-by-step procedure that you can follow to clean your television properly. Follow these steps for a spic and span television display. Moreover, check out the precautions that you should consider while cleaning your television.

Steps to clean your Television Screen

  • First of all, turn off the television. While the television display is active, you will not be able to identify smudgy spots. Moreover, you will not risk altering the television settings.
  • Secondly, remove the plug from the electrical socket. In most of the cases, people forget to remove the plug. You would not like to experience an electric shock, isn’t it?
  • Now, take a soft cloth. The same one that you use to clean your spectacles. A rough fabric will scratch the display. With the soft cloth, clean the dust gathered on the television. Move it gently over the television screen and the side bezel.
  • Now, spray some cleaning solution on the cloth. This is an important step. Avoid chemical cleaners that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or ethyl acetate. The best cleansing agent will be a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar. Spray the cleanser on the clot and clean the television screen with soft hands.
  • After extensive cleaning, let the screen and the side bezel dry in open air. After this, plug in, and experience crystal clear display.

Precautions to take while Cleaning Television

  • Remember to turn off the screen so that you can clean with perfection. Moreover, remove the plug from the electric socket.
  • Always, and always, use a soft cloth to wipe the screen. Avoid using paper towels, tissue papers, toilet paper, cotton fabric, or any rough fabric. Instead of cleaning the television, you will be annoyed at infinite scratches developed on the screen.
  • Be selective with the cleansing agents that you use for cleaning purpose. Chemical solutions such as ammonia, acetone, ethyl chloride, and ethyl alcohol may cause chemical reactions. The result will be yellowish tinge on the screen or removal of the anti-glare
  • Spraying on the screen may look a feasible option but it can interfere with the functioning of the television. Sometimes, cleansing solution enters into the internal compartment through the opening between the screen and the bezel. Hence, spray the solution on the cloth for cleaning purpose.
  • Apart from cleaning the screen and the bezel, you can hire a technician for cleaning internal components. Availing expertise services is recommended in this particular case.