For people who do not want to go out for shopping and search through the market to find the Oriental rugs in Canada, Internet is always there to help. Oriental rugs are now easily available online. The problem with online shopping is that it becomes difficult to choose when the rug is not in front of you. You are not able to touch it to feel the texture and also the quality of rug cannot be inspected fully. With these tips from Your Rug & Rugs, you can confidently take the decisions to buy the quality rug.

Though the look and feel of rug is important so is the number associated to it. These numbers are:

  1. Number of knots or Stitches/Density
  2. Weight of the rug
  3. Manufacturing Technique

When you buy online, the product description of rugs generally has these metrics defined for the rug. If the website is not providing this information, then you can refrain from buying from that website. Also, do not blindly trust the website. Read through genuine reviews and once you sure about authenticity of the portal, only then go ahead. Now, let’s go through these metrics to understand what they are and why they are important.


Higher the density, the better the quality! The knots per square meter varies from 10,000 knots to 50,000 knots, average being 30,000. Obviously, raw numbers like this are meaningless without any complementary explanation. It is therefore necessary to know what the more knots, the finer and narrower points are.  In reality, the knotting density is not the only criterion that defines the price of a carpet, indeed the materials used have, of course, their importance. The thicker material can have lesser knots than the thin one.

Weight per square meter

Any rug consists of a support or a weft that will serve as a basis for work. It is then that the strands of fabrics are added whether they are woven, knotted or tufted. It is therefore important to note that if a rug displays a weight of 3 kg per m², this does not mean that we are in the presence of 3 kg of pure fabric. It will be necessary to take account of this frame as well. It is also a quality indicator in the same way as the density of nodes per m².

Manufacturing Technique

The Oriental rugs can be hand tufted, woven or hand knotted. The hand-knotted rug is one of the most expensive carpets due to a centuries-old technique that requires more time. Hand woven is fairly conventional and widespread method. The design of hand-tufted carpets is the simplest since it is made using a gun-like instrument. Even if the operation remains manual, the tufted carpets are consequently more easily manufactured.

With these parameters in mind, you can buy the Oriental rugs in Canada online from trusted websites.