Building a home can be very stressful. While it would be convenient to be able to hire a psychic, designer to assist you in the process, they don’t really exist. If it is in your budget you can hire a design team to assist you, but even then you will need to understand what your style is and be able to vocalize it.

The first step in understand what your style is, is understanding what each style encompasses. A modern home is going to be full of sharp lines, basic colors, glass and a distinctive edge. A trendy home is going to be what we call a Pinterest home. You can expect to see the color of the year utilized throughout the home quite often. Other things you may see is trendy metals, and different bright and bold focal points throughout the home. A traditional home is going to have many more rounded corners, warm color tones, and be more basic.

There are positives and negatives with any style of home that you choose. People tend to outgrow their modern style choices over the years as their taste becomes more soft and cozy in their later years. A trendy home is sure to go out of style, but you may love it enough during it’s prime that you won’t mind having to do some small updates over the years. A traditional home is going to stay in style for the longest. If you are looking to build you home and not have to update things in the years to come, a traditional home may be the best choice for you.

Where do I start?

Encompassing a specific style throughout your entire home can be overwhelming. In order to have a cohesive home, you will need to be sure that every design choice that you make is going to fit into the style of the home. One of the easiest ways to set yourself out on the right foot is to choose a correct paint color.

Wall color is the basis of any great design style throughout a home. If you choose the wrong paint color for your entire home based on your style decision, it will be very difficult to create the flow that you are likely looking for in your home. On the other end of that, if you choose a good paint color it will help inspire you are you make other design decisions throughout your home.

Once you have determined what your style is, we highly suggest you visit a Janovic store to buy your paint. It is well worth your time and money to pick a high established paint company when you are ready to purchase paint. The associates that you will find in these types of stores will be able to answer your questions well and help you pick a color that you are going to love for many years.

Paint is one of the most important decision you are going to make as you will see it everywhere that you go. There are many different shades of paint available that you will need to pay attention to when you are choosing your wall colors. This is when a good paint associate is going to be a huge benefit for you.

Paint associates understand the tones and hues of the paint they are selling you. Every little shade change is a big deal when you are painting an entire house. They will be able to help you identify which paint colors are best for your home and which will fits the home’s style the best. Once the paint is on the walls you should be on your way to building a cohesive styled home that will play well with all of the other design choices that you make.