One of th areas of the home that is often overlooked when you’re thinking about remodeling is the attic. An attic remodel cost usually isn’t much higher than changing the look or function of other rooms of the home unless you’re adding electricity or plumbing to the room. There are multiple ideas for remodeling the attic space whether it’s small or large. Before getting in too deep with the project, you need to look at what you’re going to use the space for, such as a bedroom or a playroom.

If your attic is just a space where everything is stored in a haphazard manner, it can make it difficult to find what you need. You can transform the space into a bedroom by first removing the clutter from the attic. Make sure you pack everything in boxes that are labeled so that you know where everything is located in the home. You can design the attic so that it’s any kind of bedroom, such as one for a girl or boy or even a guest bedroom for when family or friends spend the night. Divide the bedroom into zones to get the most out of the space, such as one for sleeping and one for reading.

Some attics are just empty space. They don’t serve any kind of purpose except for collecting dust. These are the easiest spaces to remodel as they are like a blank canvas for your imagination. An idea would be to turn the attic into an office. You could also turn it into a small apartment if you know that there are people who are going to visit for a while. The apartment space could also be used for your parents or your in-laws. When you’re decorating the attic, use white paint or brighter colors so that it looks larger than it really is as many attics tend to be a bit smaller than other rooms or appear smaller because of a lack of natural light. You could also add new windows that allow the sun to shine through, which can make any design idea look larger.