Just bought your first home? Of course you want to change your home to complement your personal style. Well, when it comes to flooring, vinyl can be the perfect solution. It is true that Vinyl is around for more than eighty years. However, due to technology it developed into a durable, stylish and very popular flooring option.

According to your budget, it is available in a lower grade, which is the most affordable. However, if possible it is a better option to go with high-end vinyl. This resilient flooring type can compete in both appearance and quality with luxurious hardwood flooring and will last for many years!

Nowadays waterproof stylish vinyl is available and it comes in a great range of colours and designs. This type of vinyl is not only warmer but also quieter. Therefore vinyl flooring is a winner in areas of your home which are exposed to high traffic.

  • Waterproof Vinyl

Due to technology the feel and visual design of vinyl, this flooring option is continuously improving, whilst the maintenance remains easy. Now the most recent looks resemble slate and classic stone. These latest styles in luxury vinyl offer an almost unbelievable natural look. It poses to be the perfect choice when it comes to waterproof flooring, which still offers splendid style.

Homeowners can purchase vinyl plank flooring which provide a perfect look of real hardwood, whilst it is water resistant. The moisture resistance of luxury vinyl is ideal for homeowners who have kids and pets. Furthermore its elastic fabric offers protection against scratches and dents. When purchasing floating vinyl and the plank styles, a waterproof seal is created and with no need of adhesives!

Ceramic tiles also pose as a good option as far as water resistance is concerned. It can be laid in almost all the rooms in your home. It also offers original beauty and is another great durable floor option. However, luxury vinyl planks are still more cost-effective and can offer the same look!

  • Luxury Waterproof Vinyl

Luxury waterproof vinyl will not only handle the everyday messes, it will make a stylish impression on family and friends. Bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens can benefit mostly when using waterproof vinyl. However, due to the new trendy styles homeowners don’t have to sacrifice the stylish look for functionality. With the new luxury vinyl designs, even your kitchen can display the natural beauty of real wood!

Waterproof vinyl is also a great option to use in your basement. Durability and style can be combined for a super look! Choosing quality vinyl for your flooring can be beautiful and durable for a lot of years, given that you take good care of it. Another great bonus is that functionality and elegance can be combined, at an affordable price!

Homeowners have such a variety of beautiful waterproof luxury vinyl options to choose from nowadays. This could be the only problem we think, to eventually make the choice!

Well, to see water proof vinyl flooring options click here, then you will understand what we meant! Making the choice will not an easy task, indeed!