When we think of shower enclosures, we often think about elements such as panels, tiles, plumbing, and so on. We don’t usually think about the shower tray, and in fact, it often seems to be one of the last elements we consider. But if you are planning to replace your old shower enclosure with a new one, you would need to think of what flooring your shower enclosure should have.

In recent years, shower trays have become a more popular option. Not only are they more cost-effective, after all – they are easier to install and can be easier to maintain as well. And when it comes to shower trays, slate effect shower trays are a great choice. Here’s what you need to know about slate effect shower trays for your shower enclosure.

A unique shower tray for your bathroom

Yes, white may be the standard colour for most shower trays, but this is precisely the reason why slate effect shower trays have become more attractive to homeowners. Rather than settling for plain old boring white, you can have a grey-coloured shower tray which is ideal for the modern bathroom. One particular trend for many bathrooms today is the colour grey in various shades – and a slate effect shower tray is just perfect for this colour theme. If you want to go for a minimalist look and feel, a shower tray with a slate effect is the best choice.

How to choose one

 When choosing a slate effect shower tray, there are some aspects you need to consider, however. You should look for one which comes with a waste (if the waste is free, then all the better). If the shower tray already comes with a waste, this saves you time from looking for a waste that will fit the tray, and you can be doubly assured of your purchase. If the shower tray doesn’t come with a waste, ask the shop for assistance so they can help you look for the proper waste for the shower tray you chose.

If you’re buying a slate effect shower tray online, make sure the shop you purchase it from has a good reputation. Choose a supplier that’s not only reliable but that deals only with reputable manufacturers. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all.

Fitting the tray

If you have a little experience with DIY projects, you can try installing the shower tray yourself. But if you don’t have any knowledge of DIY installations, it’s better to hire the services of a professional. The good news is that shower trays don’t take too long to install, so even if you hire a professional, you won’t have to spend too much on labour costs.