Living in sunny California means that you are able to use the sun to your advantage when choosing window blinds in San Diego. With sunshine basically all year round, having the proper wooden blinds for your home in San Diego is not only beneficial for saving energy and money, but it is also a stylish and unique way to decorate any room in your home. At Vineyard Blinds, we make sure to only carry quality wood and faux wood window blinds in San Diego to give your home the charm it deserves. Find out below how to choose wooden window blinds that are the perfect fit for your home and budget, while saving energy and utility costs.

How To Choose Window Blinds In San Diego

Before choosing the perfect San Diego window blinds for your home, you need to ask yourself some important questions that will aid in the selection of the blinds you choose. Some questions to ask include:

How much light coverage do you need?
How much privacy do you want?
Do you need to be able to completely darken the room or are you alright with light coming through at all hours of the day?
Are you looking for sheer coverage or operable slats?
What style of wooden blinds are you looking for? Horizontal, vertical, shutter style, etc?

These questions can help you narrow down what type of window blind is perfect for your California home. Choosing the correct blind can also help to save energy and utility costs. The wonderful thing about blinds is that they are able to decrease heat gain in your home from the sun. Blinds allow your home to feel less like a sauna, and more like a home(especially in the hot summer months).

Wood Window Blinds In San Diego

Once you have narrowed down your answers for your new window blinds, it’s time to choose the blinds that best fit your criteria. At Vineyard Blinds, we offer a large variety of wood and faux wood blinds, including:

Horizontal Window Blinds – Horizontal blinds are the best option if privacy is important to you. When horizontal blinds are closed, they are less likely to blow open from the fan or ac unit. They also add light control to any room. These are a great window treatment for large living rooms and bedrooms.

Vertical Window Blinds – Vertical blinds are best used to create optimal lighting and for energy saving reasons when they are used on windows that face east or west. Generally speaking, vertical blinds are the best window treatment for large windows like, balcony windows or sliding glass doors.

Woven Woods – Woven wood window blinds in San Diego are a beautiful and affordable way to create a natural and warm environment. Perfect for smaller windows in kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether you are looking to add some energy saving window treatments or just want to add a rustic charm to your home, Vineyard has the San Diego window blinds for you. We are always happy to answer any and all your window blind questions.